Using the 'gnome-' utilities

This is an alternative method for launching various Gnome graphical tools. Most of these tools are located in the gnome control center 'gnome-control-center'.

Using the tools

  1. Open a terminal session
  2. type gnome- and press the tab key twice to get a listing:
    [quickm@duvel sysconfig]$ gnome-  (press tab twice)

    (see list below)

  3. the type the command (i.e. gnome-control-center & ) press enter key
    (note, if you type gnome-c and press tab it will narrow down, or fill in the text for you)

Critical Utilities :
gnome-control-center (launches the graphical version of these commands)
gnome-default-printer (change default printer)
gnome-sound-properties (setup the sound for Gnome)
gnome-system-log (gnome log viewer)
gnome-system-monitor (monitor processes with this tool)
gnome-terminal (Open a terminal with this command)
gnome-volume-control (alter volume settings)
gnome-mouse-properties (change basic mouse settings)

User tools:
gnome-about-me (change your user information)
gnome-calculator (launch a calculator)
gnome-cd (launch a CD Player)
gnome-screenshot (take a screenshot, can use prtScreen key as well)
gnome-search-tool (search for files from within the current directory)
gnome-help (opens Gnome help)
gnome-dictionary (dictionary tool)

Configuration tools:
gnome-accessibility-keyboard-properties (change keyboard information)
gnome-background-properties (change the Desktop background)
gnome-at-properties (launch the Linux accessibility prefs)
gnome-audio-profiles-properties (change the audio quality settings)
gnome-default-applications-properties (Set default applications for email and web etc.)
gnome-display-properties (change screen resolution or size)
gnome-file-share-properties (check whether you are sharing files or not)
gnome-font-properties (change font preferences)
gnome-keyboard-properties (setup the keyboard)
gnome-keyring-manager (manage the keyring)
gnome-network-preferences (setup network proxy if needed)
gnome-power-inhibit-test (test power with this tool
gnome-power-manager (power management applet)
gnome-screensaver-preferences (change the screensaver settings)
gnome-session-properties (setup startup session options)
gnome-volume-properties (change the mounted volume properties of CDROMS etc)
gnome-about (states version information of Gnome)


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