Open Client for Linux uses the Gnome System Monitor to manage processes. To open the Gnome System Monitor application:

  1. On the Computer menu, click Control Center.
  2. Select Administration, and click System Monitor.
  3. Click the Processes tab.
The Process tab organizes the system processes into a table. The rows of the table display information fields including: the name of the user who owns the process, status of the process, the priority of the process, and the amount of memory currently being used by the process.

Gnome System Monitor provides several options for dealing with processes. To make an adjustment to a process select the process to be modified and on the Edit menu, choose the appropriate option as shown below:

  • Stop Process – Temporarily suspends a process.
  • Continue Process – Continues a suspended process.
  • End Process – Forces a process to end normally.
  • Kill Process – Forces a process to terminate immediately. This is most often used if a process cannot be ended normally.
  • Change Priority – Used to change the priority of a process by changing the "nice" value. The lower the nice value, the higher priority the process. To set a nice value lower than zero, root access is required.


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