You have a CD or DVD burner attached to your machine.


There are 2 quick and simple methods of burning a disk in Linux which does not involve third party software. These methods lack the sophistication of third party software and are for use in backing up data and creating ISO's

To burn an ISO , Steps

First method

  1. Have ISO file in a convenient folder like Desktop or Home.
  2. Insert CD or DVD into burner (Remember you need the appropriate type of burner)
  3. Double Click on ISO a dialogue box will open
    Fig 1

  4. You can accept defaults and Click Write
  5. A dialogue box will open and the burning process will begin time bar will inform you when finished.
    (This creates an expanded disk I.E. bootable image.)

Second method

  1. You have the choice here to make a Data disk or burn an ISO
  2. From the tool bar of the File browser select Go, from the drop down select CD/DVD Creator
    Fig 2

  3. Browser will change to CD/DVD Creator File browser you can now ether drag the files into or paste them in.When ready Click Write to Disk.
  4. If the data is an ISO you will have the choice of burning to Create a Disk or as a File (Make the choice to suit your needs) after selection click Write
    Fig 3

  5. If you are burning data with the CD/DVD Creator File browser, drag or paste data into browser when you are satisfied you have the files you need, Click Write to Disk.(Remember to check the size of the disk.) A dialogue box will open you can enter a name here or accept defaults Click Write
    Fig 4

  6. Time bar will inform you when completed.


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