Some users want to test their Gnome themes before changing to a broken theme or to perhaps test a theme a different resolutions. This is also helpful for users who are creating themes.

  1. Open a Terminal Session:
  2. Check for the command gdmthemetester
    which gdmthemetester

    (this should be installed along with the gdm rpm package)

  3. Set the display resolution with the XNESTSIZE variable:
    export XNESTSIZE=1600x1200

    (replace 1600x1200 with whatever resolution you desire)

  4. Using the gdmthemetester, launch the theme from it's folder:

    Usage: /usr/bin/gdmthemetester
    is one of: console, console-timed, flexi, remote-flexi, xdmcp
    is either the path of the theme or the name of an installed theme

  5. Example, launching an installed theme at 1280x1024 resolution:
    export XNESTSIZE=1280x1024
    gdmthemetester xdmcp /usr/share/gdm/themes/OPENCLIENT/



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