How do I change my system to boot from either Windows or Linux by default ?

Changing the GRUB menu is rather simple but it requires editing the /etc/grub.conf configuration file. In addition to that you will need to know the root (admin) password. In the configuration file you will see a line that states 'default=x' - you simply have to change it from what it is to the number for Windows.

In short,change it from 0 to 1 because you are probably trying to make Windows the default boot option after a Linux Install.

If you look at the example GRUB file below it becomes clear in the layout that "Open Client" is option 0 (we count up from zero in the computer world) and Windows is option 1. Thus change default=0 to default=1 (steps outlined below).

Steps From Within GNOME (X Windows)

Step 1, Open /etc/grub.conf as root (root is the administrator account):
Right mouse click on Desktop and "Open Terminal", type "su -" then type "gedit /etc/grub.conf"

Step 2, Save a copy of this file somewhere as a backup
(save with gedit or type cp /etc/grub.conf /etc/grub.conf.backup)

Step 3, change "default=" line to match your preferences

Example Grub File:


title IBM Open Client for Linux # option 0
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
initrd /boot/initrd-2.6.9-22.0.1.EL.img
title IBM client for e-business Windows # option 1
chainloader +1



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