After A New Open Client Install, I Am Unable To Log in?

Occationally a password is not properly set during the install process and there is no recovery for the root (adminsitrator) account. Most users should not attempt to resolve the problem themselves and should contact the Helpdesk. Another option is to attempt to re-install the client.


In some cases the post-install process has a "bug" and may never start the dialog to set the "root" (administrator) password. Attempt to log in with the default password (passw0rd) and hopefully the dialog will continue.

If the dialog does not continue: advanced users can attempt to work with the system in this state but it is recommended generally to re-start the install. Note, this could also be caused by equipment which is too new for the the platform (i.e. less than 3 months old on the market).

Basic Considerations / Causes
  • Is the hardware I'm using less than three months old?
    May be a hardware problem (i.e. memory / video).
  • Do I meet the pre-install hardware requirements?
    May have insufficient memory or diskspace
  • Am I installing from a Broadband connection?
    Try from an IBM location if possible, your installs may be getting corrupted from bandwidth issues.
  • Is the default install server having issues?
    Using the advanced install process, users can try to specify installing from another server.
  • More rarely, is the IBM Campus Network a problem?
    Difficult to determine however given a period of time, these issues generally resolve themselves (i.e. try again later)


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