Remote Desktop Connection is a client application that allows you to view or even control the desktop session on another machine that is running a compatible server.

With this application you can do the following:

  • Remotely connect to other systems and get a windowed display of their desktop.
  • Linux X11, Mac® OS, and Microsoft® Windows® Desktop systems compatible
  • Uses Remote Frame Buffer protocol
  • Compatible with Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Basic Usage

Basic Usage

You would typically use Remote Desktop Connection with the KDE VNC server (Desktop Sharing), which is also known as Krfb, since it closely matches the special features of Remote Desktop Connection.

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You can access this application in the following way(s):

  • Computer ▸ More Applications ▸ Accessories section ▸ krdc .
  • From the command line: 'krdc &'

Remote Frame Buffer protocol

Remote Frame Buffer protocol

The RFB ("remote framebuffer") is a simple protocol for remote access to graphical user interfaces. Since it works at the "framebuffer level" , it is applicable to all windowing systems and applications, including X11, Windows and Macintosh. RFB is also the protocol used in Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and its derivatives.

"In the Remote Frame Buffer protocol, the application that runs on the machine where the user sits (containing the display, keyboard and pointer) is called the client. The application that runs on the machine where the framebuffer is located (which is running the windowing system and applications that the user is remotely controlling) is called the server. Remote Desktop Connection is the KDE client for the Remote Frame Buffer protocol. Desktop Sharing is the KDE server for the Remote Frame Buffer protocol.

It takes a reasonable amount of network traffic to send an image of the framebuffer, so Remote Frame Buffer works best over high bandwidth links, such as a local area network. It is still possible to use Remote Desktop Connection over other links, but performance is unlikely to be as good. " - http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdenetwork/krdc/what-is-RFB.html

Connecting Remote Desktop Connection to compatible servers

Connecting Remote Desktop Connection to compatible servers

Remote Desktop Connection is a client, and it needs to be used with compatible servers. There are different ways to connect to those servers:

  • Directly typing the server name (or IP address) into the Address: input.
  • By using an invitation that you received. Desktop Sharing uses invitations, and can send them by email.

If you know the host name (or IP address) of the server you want to connect to, you can enter it directly into the Address: input.

If you want to connect to a machine named megan, which is running a VNC server on screen 1 (5901), you can enter megan:1 and choose VNC as the protocol in the Address: input.

Further Information

Further Reading and Information

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