The Vino package allows you to create shared Remote Desktop session on your system. In other words you can allow users to connect to your system to share files, fix problems, etc. and so forth using a VNC Client package such as Real VNC for Windows or the vnc or kde-network for the Open Client.

To share the desktop, simply use the Remote desktop settings in the Control Panel to configure a VNC Desktop share. If you prefer to setup an additional display, follow the directions in this document.

In the Open Client for Linux:

  1. Click on Computer --> Control Center --> Remote Desktop
    (if you can not find it, try typing vino-preferences from the command line)
  2. If the package is not installed use the IBM Shopper to install the package vino
  3. In the Remote Desktop preferences, select the following:
    • [ x ] "Allow other users to view your Desktop."
    • [ x ] Require the user to enter this password (type in a password in text box)
    • [ _ ] Ask you for confirmation (this is unnecessary, uncheck this option if desired).
    • Click on the Close button

  4. To connect start a terminal session from another machine and type:
    vncviewer 9.x.x.x:0

    (In Windows, use the Real VNC client)


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