The Time and Date Properties Tool allows the user to change the system date and time, to configure the time zone used by the system, and to setup the Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon to synchronize the system clock with a time server.

Basic Usage

Basic Usage

To install the tool use the add remove applications utilities. If the system is connected to a "yum" channel, you can install the from the command line with " yum -y install system-config-date " command.

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You can access this application in the following ways:

  • Computer ▸ Control Center ▸ Administration section ▸ Date and Time
  • From the command line, type: 'system-config-date &'

Basic Configuration

Configuring the system-config-date tool

system-config-date provides a graphical interface that allows the changing of the system date and time. You have the option of either setting the time manually or using the more accurate method of synchronizing the time of the system with a NTP time server.

Basic "Date / Time" functions

Simply configure the date and time by clicking on the Date & Time tab within the system-config-date tool. If the date and time fields are 'greyed out' and not allowing you to set the values, this means that the system is configured to receive the date and time automatically from a remote time server.

Though if the system time is still incorrect, check that your NTP time servers are correct. Also you should check your timezone settings by clicking on the Time Zone tab and check that you are using the correct timezone. Reboot the system or wait for a period of time to see if the system time sets itself correctly.

If this all fails to work (of if you feel inclined to do so), click on the Network Time Protocol tab and uncheck the box for 'enable network time protocol'. This will now allow you to go back to the 'date and time' tab and manually set the date and time.

Setup the NTP (Network Time Protocol) time servers

It's far more accurate and easier to have a remote server keep track of the date and time for you. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon synchronizes the system clock with a remote time server or time source. The system-config-date tool allows you to configure an NTP daemon to synchronize your system clock with a remote server.

  1. Click on the 'Network Time Protocol' tab within the system-config-date tool.
  2. Click on the check box for 'enable network time protocol'
  3. Select a predefined server by clicking on the 'Edit' button or manually add a new server name by clicking on 'Add'.
  4. The system may need to be rebooted, some manual command-line things to try (as root) would be :
    service ntpd restart
    Shutting down ntpd: [ OK ]
    Starting ntpd: [ OK ]

Time Zone Configuration

Setting up the timezone is simple, start the system-config-date tool and select the Time Zone tab. Use the global map to select the closest (most appropriate) timezone location. You can also manually select the timezone using the list provided below the global map.

Further Information

Further Reading and Information

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