This document is to bring to light the improvements in the Power Management functionality with the Open Client 2 and Thinkpads. By keeping an eye on this information the user can extend battery life and reduce charging time thus helping the environment.

Configuring the power management settings

How to use

  1. Firstly if you hover over the Power Icon on the Taskbar a pop up will appear giving information on battery state and power source.
    Fig 1

  2. If the Power Icon does not appear on the Taskbar. Click Computer Icon>Control center>Preferences>Power management.
  3. From the open dialogue box select the General tab Click the preferred Radio Button. Example Always Display Icon.
  4. Right Click on the icon (a panel will appear).
    Fig 2
  5. Click> Preferences
  6. A dialogue box with 3 Tabs will open.
    Tab 1. Running on AC
    Fig 3

    Here you can by means of sliders alter Sleep time and Brightness.
    In the Actions section the default is Blank screen when lid is closed.
    This is OK but from a power saving point of view perhaps suspend.

    Tab 2. Running on Battery
    Fig 4

    This has similar controls but as you can see the settings are lower.
    The Actions are set at Suspend by default
    Fig 5

    This is not always the best selection perhaps better to use Hibernate.
    As those of us who close the lid and put machine in our bag may find it can overheat.

    Tab 3. General
    Allows More personal preference settings.
    Such as Sleep Type and settings for Battery Icon

    Click> Information
    A dialogue box will open with 4 Tabs.
    Fig 6

    Options are as follows:
  • Tab 1 Device Information
    This gives Information on batteries and allows the user to keep an eye on the battery state.
    As this is somewhat technical information user is advised to consult the Help at bottom left.
  • Tab 2 Charge History
    This is a graphical view showing battery percentage over time.
  • Tab 3 power History
    This is a graphical view showing Charge and discharge over time.
  • Tab 4 Estimated Time History
    This is a graphical view showing battery time till charged/discharged.
  • Tab 5 Event Log
    This records events as they happen I.E. if machine is suspended or Hibernated.
    These events are also recorded in the graphs as colored dots
    All this information can be useful in diagnosing battery problems.


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