Gcalctool is a graphical calculator emulator tool written for the Gnome desktop. Gcalctools starts in a basic mode but can be easily switched to more 'advanced' modes of operation.

With this application you can do the following:

  • Perform basic arithmetic functions
  • Use of on screen keys or use of keyboard
  • Scientific and program functions and features
  • Perform advanced arithmetic functions
  • Copy and Paste to and from clipboard to other applications
  • Built in functions

Basic Usage

Basic Usage

The gcalctool application provides the following modes for different types of mathematical functionality - Basic, Advanced, Financial, Scientific, and Programming modes.

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You can access the application in the following ways:

  • Computer ▸ More Applications ▸ Accessories section ▸ Calculator.
  • From the command line, type: 'gnome-calculator' or 'gcalctool'

Modes Of Operation Overview

Modes Of Operation Overview

The gcalctool different types of mathematical functionality:

Basic The default mode. Provides standard calculator functions. You can perform standard addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication functions in Basic mode and you can use all of the Basic functions in each of the other modes.
Advanced Provides advanced calculator functions. You can store numbers in 10 different memory registers, and easily retrieve and replace the numbers in the memory registers. You can use all of the Advanced functions in Financial, Scientific and Programming modes.
Financial Provides several complex financial functions.
Scientific Provides many additional mathematical functions, including trigonometric functions. You can also store your own functions and constants, when you use Scientific mode.
Programming Provides functions useful to a programmer, including bitwise functions and a bit editor.

Advanced Mode

Advnaced Mode

To change to Advanced mode, choose View ▸ Advanced.

Performing Advanced Calculations

Function Button Description Usage Example Result
Percentage % Divides the current value by 100. 560 % = 5.60
Reciprocal 1/x Divides 1 by the current value in the display area. 4 1/x 0.25
Square Root Sqrt Calculates the square root of the current value in the display area. Sqrt 9 )= 3
Square x2 Calculates the square of the current value in the display area. 3 x2 9
Integer Portion Int Calculates the integer portion of the current value in the display area. -22.44 Int -22
Fractional Portion Frac Calculates the fractional portion of the current value in the display area. -22.44 Frac -0.44
Absolute Value Abs Calculates the absolute value of the current value in the display area. -22.44 Abs 22.44
Parentheses ( and ) Calculations (), +, -, /, etc. Parentheses ( and ) Calculations within parentheses are performed first. You can nest parentheses to any level. 2 + 5 * 4 =

2 + ( 3 * 4 )


Further Information

Further Reading and Information

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