Using the VNC Viewer in the Open Client

The VNC Viewer allows users to connect to Remote Desktops and VNC Server sessions. This is much like Windows Remote Desktop or Terminal Server. See: (Example)

VNC Details

VNC allows you to create an additional Remote Desktop session on your system. This can be thought of as an additional but separate Desktop which can be accessed using a VNC viewer client (example). Most users do not have a need to create an extra XWindows session and would prefer to simply share their current Windows desktop instead. To share the desktop, simply use the Remote desktop settings in the Control Panel to configure a VNC Desktop share.

This document describes how to connect to these VNC sessions on remote systems.

Installing VNC Viewer Software with the IBM Software Shopper:

  1. On the Computer menu, click IBM Software Shopper.
  2. Select the Available radio button.
  3. In the Search field, enter VNC and click Search.
  4. Select the VNC checkbox,
  5. ** Optionally: search for kdenetwork and select the checkbox/
  6. Click on Process Queue. to install the packages

  7. When prompted, click OK to complete the installation.

Using the VNC viewer Application(s):

The vncviewer application can be used from the command line or graphically

Using the vncviewer application available from the vnc package

Graphical Steps

  1. Click on Computer --> More Applications --> and select VNC Viewer icon
  2. In the text box input the address of the remote host, followed by the port number which is being used.
    • If the remote host is just sharing their logged in desktop: 9.x.x.x or 9.x.x.x:0*.
    • If the remote host has a VNC Server running:
      • For port 5901 use - 9.x.x.x*:1*
      • For port 5902 use - 9.x.x.x*:2*
      • For port 590*y* use - 9.x.x.x*:y* etc. etc.
    • See example: (click here)

Command line / Terminal Session Steps

  1. Right click on Desktop and select Open Terminal
  2. Issue the command with the host:
  3. press the enter (return) key

Sharing the Desktop with Multiple Users Option

  • Add Shared=1 to the command to keep your session active for several users.
    vncviewer lnx23:3 shared=1
  • In VNC Viewer, Click on the Options button and select the "Shared" check box. See example: (click here)

  • See example of two shared connections to the same machine: (click here)

Using the krdc application available from the kdenetwork package

  1. Click on Computer --> More Applications --> and select KRDC / Remote Desktop icon.
  2. In the text box type vnc:/9.x.x.x:port# to connect:
    For example: vnc:/
  3. Click on the Connect button


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