Connecting from Windows machines to Unix with RealVNC

Use the Windows vncviewer to connect a Windows system to Linux Remote Displays, terminal sessions, AIX VNC sessions, Linux VNC sessions, etc.

Download the Real VNC software (free)

using one of the following links:

Real VNC website (latest version) Download the latest from RealVNC
Download version 4.1 locally Download a local version from our website

Using RealVNC Viewer in Windows

  1. Start the Vnc viewer software
  2. Enter in your server :
    • Example:

  3. To allow multiple sessions to connect to the same VNC session,
  4. Click on Options --> Misc. Tab -->
  5. Select the checkbox Shared connection, and click "OK" button. (example)
  6. Click here to see two sessions connected to another system at the same time.


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